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Get the good night's sleep

that you & your

baby both need.

Our qualified Registered Nurses provide infant care & family support


Our Nurses

Your nurse will typically work 8 - 12 hours per shift and we will work with you to determine what times work best for your family. Your nurse can be hired anywhere from one to seven days/nights a week, depending on your unique needs. We do not require you to use us for a contracted length of time as we believe that the needs of each family vary and are best met with flexibility.


Nurse & Nurture RNs have extensive clinical experience with infants which allows them to provide valuable guidance to the families we care for & support.

Healthy Sleep Habits
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Diaper Changing
Breastfeeding Support
Umbilical Cord/Circumcision Care
Bottle Prep & Feeding
Swaddling & Soothing


I am a nurse practitioner myself and spent a lot of time researching night nurse services and interviewing a few of the local options. Ultimately, I appreciated that the nurses with Nurse & Nurture are all RNs who are highly trained to care for newborns and new mothers. They were all professional, trustworthy, timely and very kind. Thank you so much!

Mary Beth E. | Atlanta, Georgia

Our Story

Meet Abbey Busch, Owner of Nurse & Nurture! From working inpatient in a children's hospital with Pediatric Oncology to Bone Marrow Transplant coordination for pediatric patients, Abbey's career as an RN has been entirely spent with children.

During her time as a Pediatric Nurse, Abbey became a new mother herself to her two amazing kids. After experiencing the joys and challenges of pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, and navigating the postpartum period, Abbey began working as a night nurse and found that the opportunity to be able to educate, support, and overall help families was incredibly fulfilling.

Abbey has carried this over into the Nurse & Nurture mission and vision, where she puts counseling and advising new parents at the forefront of her business.

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