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Meet The Owner
Abbey Busch, RN, BSN

Abbey's career as an RN has been entirely spent with children. She began working inpatient in a children's hospital with Pediatric Oncology (which holds a dear place in her heart - and always will!) From there, she transitioned into the outpatient setting with a primary focus on Bone Marrow Transplant coordination for pediatric patients.

During that time, Abbey became a new mother herself to her two amazing kids. After experiencing the joys and challenges of pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, and also navigating the postpartum period, she realized that this phase of life was her calling with regard to her nursing career. Abbey began working as a night nurse and found that the opportunity to be able to educate, support, and overall help families was incredibly fulfilling as an RN.

Abbey has carried this over into the Nurse & Nurture mission and vision, where she puts counseling and advising new parents at the forefront of her business. She personally interviews each RN and takes the hiring process very seriously. N&N RNs must be qualified (hold an active RN license, worked at least two years in a related clinical field with infants, maintain infant CPR certification, and pass a criminal background check) but how she actually evaluates applicants goes far beyond their resumes - she also looks for compassion, trustworthiness, and kindness in her RNs. Each RN must be someone she would be comfortable having in her own home and taking care of her own children. They must convey a warmness about them and have a caring demeanor, all while being able to respect and appreciate that every family has a unique way of choosing what's best for their child.

The period after having a child can sometimes be a mixed bag of excitement, uncertainty, joy, and questions. It is Abbey's sincere hope that N&N can help make this important transition a little easier (and more restful!) for our clients. She knows firsthand that it "takes a village" during the first years of a child's life. Thank you for allowing Nurse & Nurture to be a part of yours!

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