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  • What's unique about Nurse & Nurture?
    We utilize comprehensive qualification requirements for all of our Registered Nurses. All of our nurses are college-educated RNs with experience working in newborn/pediatric nursing, are Infant CPR certified, have passed a criminal background check and are insured.
  • How long and often should I hire a night nurse for?
    We do not require a minimum or maximum number of nights for our night nurses. It's entirely up to you to decide how long you want a night nurse for - however, we recommend that you spread out your help. Consider having a night nurse for three nights a week for five weeks instead of five nights a week for three weeks. This will maximize your help and give you the help you need for a longer period of time.
  • How far in advance should I plan to schedule?
    While we often fill last minute requests, the more notice that we have the better we can meet your needs.
  • What hours do your nurses normally work?
    Our nurses generally offer night nursing from 10 pm - 6 am, although we make every effort to accommodate your requests. Your nurse will arrive 15 minutes early on your first night so you can familiarize your nurses with your home, your baby's feeding schedule/routine, etc.
  • Do the nurses stay awake during their shift?
    Yes, our nurses are required to remain awake and alert throughout their shift.
  • How do I pay my nurse?
    Nurse & Nurture is responsible for paying our nurses for their time. Our billing week runs Saturday through Friday. We will bill you once a week at the end of each billing week. You will receive a receipt for our charges billed.
  • What if I plan to breastfeed my baby throughout the night?
    Your nurse will either bring the baby to you when it's feeding time or they can wake you up and have you come to the nursery to breastfeed. Moms may also want to consider pumping their breast milk for their nurse to give in a bottle (so mom can sleep!).
  • What if I want to use formula for nighttime feedings?
    Your nurse will happily wash and prepare bottles both for their shift and future feedings.
  • How will I know what my baby ate, when my baby ate, diaper changed, etc?"
    We provide all of our nurses with a professional Nurse & Nurture Nightly Activity Log that they will use to accurately document all feedings, diaper changes, etc., that happen during course of the shift. We will leave the activity log with you for your review.
  • What else do I need to provide for my nurse?
    We ask that you provide a comfortable place for your nurse to sit. You simply need to tell your nurse when your baby last ate, had a diaper change, when your baby is due to eat again, what you want your baby to eat, and how you'd like your nurse to leave in the morning.
  • Do you offer daytime care as well?
    We typically offer nighttime care, but we do have several nurses in each market that can accommodate daytime hours as well.
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