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Your nurse will typically work 8 - 12 hours per shift. We will work with you to determine what times work best for your family. Your nurse can be hired anywhere from one to seven days/nights a week, depending on your unique needs. We do not require you to use us for a contracted length of time as we believe that the needs of each family vary and are best met with flexibility.

The following services are included and can be requested of your Registered Nurse:

Healthy Sleep Habits

Our nurses can help establish healthy sleeping habits and will happily work with you and your infant to get them on your preferred sleeping schedule.

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Diaper Changing

Your nurse will change and dispose of any soiled diapers that occur during the course of a shift. Details, including frequency, will be noted on an activity log for your review.

Breastfeeding Support

At your discretion, your nurse can facilitate your breastfeeding times throughout the shift. If you would like further info on how our RNs can help you navigate the breastfeeding period, please note that request on your registration.

Umbilical Cord/Circumcision Care

Our nurses can provide guidance and deliver care based on current umbilical cord and circumcision recommendations.

Bottle Prep & Feeding

If you prefer to bottle-feed your baby with pumped breastmilk or formula, your nurse can feed your baby and wash/prep all bottles as well for future use.

Swaddling & Soothing

Depending on your preferred methods (swaddling, pacifier, rocking, etc.) your nurse can discuss a variety of options for soothing your baby throughout the shift.

Infant Care Services

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