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Emily Hamachek

Emily Hamachek


Emily is a Registered Nurse, wife, and mother of two teenagers. After obtaining her RN degree from Southern Union, she joined the travel nursing community.

Emily has a nurturing soul with a passion for nursing and living life to the fullest. She understands what it's like to be the patient and is able to use her own healthcare experiences of battling cancer to understand and respect the human condition. Emily is a clear communicator and her easy going personality makes her enjoyable to be around.

When Emily is not working, her time is spent attending her children’s sporting events, helping with the family coffee business, fostering dogs, watching live music and enjoying the outdoors. This past summer, she thoroughly enjoyed driving across the country with her daughter to be a pediatric nurse at Camp Lenox.

Emily holds nursing licenses in Alabama, Louisiana, Massachusetts and has 22 years of compassionate experience.

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