Vicki Masek, RN, BA, BS

Vicki began her professional nursing career in 2005 after receiving her bachelor’s of science in nursing from Georgia State University’s accelerated nursing program. She began her nursing practice in Labor and Delivery; motivated by the desire to help better the birthing experience for women, babies, and their families. However, realizing that she enjoyed the continued care of the Mother and Baby as a couplet, and focused care of infants; this meant specializing in the Postpartum area of nursing, newborn admission, and intermediate nursery. With more time for patient advocacy, education, emotional support of the family, and differing parenting styles; nursing care became even more rewarding. Vicki also has worked in Adult Medical Surgical, Post Surgical Gynecological, and women’s plastic surgery care. Due to her strong belief in the importance of patient education and advocacy, Vicki then worked with Kaiser Permanente as an Advice RN in adult medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, and psychiatric nursing. Direct nursing care with families was very much missed, and why she so enjoys working with Nurse and Nurture! In her free time she enjoys drawing and painting. She lives with her husband, and they are awaiting the arrival of a new fur baby.