Tyreesha (Tye) Hubbard is a certified pediatric nurse with over 5 years of acute care pediatric experience. She has extensive experience working with preemies, newborns, and infants. Her hospital experience has prepared her to take care of well babies and sick babies. Prior to becoming a registered nurse, Tye was a full-time nanny for 2 wonderful little girls. Tye has helped raise her 4 nieces and nephews and understands how challenging it is to care for a newborn child while adjusting to a new normal. As the oldest of 6 children, Tye has always been a natural caregiver and loved helping take care of her younger siblings. Tye is truly dedicated to lifelong learning and pediatrics as she is pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree specializing as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. In her free time, Tye loves to travel with her family. She also enjoys spending quality time with her firefighter husband.