Our Testimonials

I cannot sing Sally's praises enough...she has a rare combination of compassion and clinical nursing expertise from which we benefited greatly as first time parents." 
Megan D., Athens GA

Felicia and I wanted to thank you, Camille, Michaelle, and Bridget. Each of the night nurses were truly wonderful and really helped us acclimate to our new lives as parents. There were some moments that would’ve been really scary had they not been there (including Mom’s trip to the ER on our second night home). We will definitely be calling in the future and refer Nurse and Nurture out to our friends. Thanks again.
Dave L. Atlanta, GA

I found Kristin and Nurse and Nurture through Moms On Call - a series of parenting books I love that cover the ages from newborn to 4 years. Kristin was quick to respond to my inquiry and kept in touch throughout my final months of pregnancy. Even though we had never met, she was warm and kind and genuinely cared about me and my unborn child. So, it was no surprise, that when I called her up a few weeks after having my daughter asking for help, she didn’t hesitate. On short notice and with a 50-mile commute, Kristin provided night nurse services to us for the next month. She was a perfect fit for our family and we felt completely at ease letting her care for our youngest daughter in the middle of the night. From night one, she had our daughter sleeping in the crib and helped us establish healthy sleep habits that got her sleeping 12 hours a night by 11 weeks. We would recommend Kristin and Nurse and Nurture to anyone and everyone!!
Gayden A., Alexandria, VA

"We were so pleased with the nurses that took care of our twin girls.  They were punctual, reliable, and very professional.  I slept knowing that my twin girls were in great hands.  I would highly recommend Nurse and Nurture to anyone interested.  Well worth it!" 
Sara H., Atlanta, GA

"When I found out I was pregnant I knew I was going to need help from the very beginning. I had heard of Nurse and Nurture from my sister who had used their services for when her youngest was born. I had no idea was a night nurse was, or that this kind of help even existed. So my sister gave me Kristin's website and contact information and I wrote her an inquiry. Kristin was quick to respond and put all my worries at ease. We discussed how many nights I thought I would need and hours of the night. She assured me that all the nurses were working professionals with many years of experience. It helped that I was able to look at their profiles on the website to learn about each nurse and I was impressed with the amount of experience they all had. I thought I would be nervous the first night we had a nurse come to the house after my son was born, but as soon as she walked in, she made me feel at ease. She was patient with my questions, and she just made me feel like my newborn was in wonderful hands. All the nurses were warm, and very professional, and it was really wonderful being able to go to bed and get a full night’s sleep so I could be the best mom I could be the following day. I was also recovering from a c-section, so being able to get that sleep I think really helped speed up the healing process. 

Nurse and Nurture was an absolute god send to us and I am so happy that we enlisted such an amazing service. If we decide to have a second I will definitely be going with Nurse and Nurture once again." 
Laura S. Naples, Florida

Nurse and Nurture was an absolute god send for my husband and I after the birth of our baby! Kristin, the owner, responded to our inquiry quickly and was able to secure competent and professional help in a short period of time. Our son spent the first 6 weeks in NICU and I was very encouraged to find that most, if not all, of the nurses had years of NICU experience with well-known local and regional hospitals. I also really liked the fact that we worked with just a few nurses, who really got to know our son and family. I can’t say enough about this company – it is the only reason we were able to sleep peacefully the first few months!
Sarah R. Woodstock, GA

Thanks Nurse and Nurture for making those early  months easier! We fully trusted all of your nurses. We look forward to calling you again for the next baby. 
Laura M., Charlotte, NC

As the parents of 2 month old twins, we were beyond sleep deprived when we started getting help from Nurse & Nurture. The two nights a week she came to the house brought such relief for us! We were able to get much needed rest which is so important, and allowed us to get through the rest of the week. Handling twins was not at all a problem, and she was happy to go along with any scheduling requests we had since we were trying to teach the boys to go a little longer before eating as time went on.  Given the issues that can come with preemie babies, it brought peace of mind that a medical professional was watching them; it allowed us to truly relax and get some sleep. Michelle was so kind and caring to us and our boys. When one of them was in the hospital, she checked in with us several times to see how he was doing; she genuinely cared about our boys. I’d absolutely recommend Nurse & Nurture to any new parent!
Jenny and Jesse Schaudies, Georgia

My husband and I are extremely thankful for Kristin and her team of wonderful nurses who helped us with our little guy! Demetra, Valerie, and Karissa were professional, knowledgeable and took extremely good care of Henry. I highly recommend Nurse and Nurture and would definitely use them if we are blessed with future babies. 
Jenn M.Sharpsburg, Georgia 

Working with Nurse and Nurture is nothing short of AWESOME!! Having had a very complicated pregnancy and premature baby was so stressful. Kristin and her team of knowledgable and experienced nurses had all the answers any parents are looking for in people to help with their little ones in such a transitional period in life. They are all so warm, caring and most importantly they LOVE your baby! They were so flexible with our family and our schedules and needs! We can't say enough great things about Nurse and Nurture! We look forward to recommending them to everyone we know!
Aubrey H.Gainseville, Georgia 

Kristin's group of night nurses were invaluable to my wife and I as we settled into life with newborn twins. The nurses' experience, compassion and punctuality were very much appreciated in our time of need! And Kristin handles the logistics and administration side with attentiveness and ease. I would recommend Nurse and Nurture to anyone bringing a new baby into the fold.
Tom T.Atlanta, Georgia 

Kristin Baker and her team were such a gift to our family. We have three children and two very busy careers. I like to think I can do all things but realized I was maxed out when our sweet baby was not sleeping through the night still at 7 months. My husband and I both were traveling domestically and internationally and running on no sleep - at 7 months he was still waking about every 2-3 hours. We needed a break. I found Kristin's website online and jumped at the chance to have help. I was so pleased with the nurse Kristin assigned us. Over the following 4 months or so I'd contact Kristin and ask for 1-2 nights a week to have help. With as much coming and going as we have in our house it was really important to us to have the same nurse. Kristin worked with us to keep the schedule consistent so we could build a relationship with 1 nurse and she in turn built a relationship with our baby. The first night I actually slept through the night was a game changer. I felt the fog lift and felt like I had a shot at actually surviving. Over the next 3-4 months she helped us build healthy routines with our little man and regain some sanity in our home and life. Thank you Kristin! We would recommend her team to anyone! If someone wants to buy you a gift, tell them to hold on the monogrammed baby blanket and call Kristin. A night of sleep is worth far more than any gift imaginable!
Christen S.Atlanta, Georgia 

Nurse and Nurture was a life saver to me. I had my baby and soon realized I needed help and called Kristin who immediately put together a schedule so I could have some relief and rest. We had 3 different nurses help us out and they were all wonderful. They were prompt, reliable and nurturing to my baby which gave me peace of mind so I could rest through the night. I looked forward to each night I had a nurse coming because I knew my baby would be well taken care of and I could get some much needed rest. Also, because they are all certified nurses, I knew that my baby was in good hands. Thank you so much to Kristin, Valerie and Amy!!
Lauri T.Marietta, Georgia 

Nurse and Nurture was highly recommended to us by a family friend while we were expecting our first child. After the first night I fully understood why! They were a total lifesaver during the first few months. My husband and I got the rest we needed and learned quite a few tricks from the sweet nurses. Of course we found our favorite Nurses, Melessa, Karissa, & Lori, who we really bonded with and still miss! Everyone who came was punctual and pleasant. Kristin was fantastic about extending our time with Nurse and Nurture as we needed it and checking in with us. I can't recommend Nurse and Nurture enough! 
Melissa G.Atlanta, Georgia 

The nurses at Nurse and Nurture made our transition into parenthood so much easier. They came every other night for a few weeks, and I would highly recommend them. Lori and Tonya gave me the peace of mind that my daughter was taken care of while I got a peaceful night's sleep. In the morning, they would give me a report on how well she slept, her diaper changes, and how much she ate. They even helped guide me on how much breastmilk my newborn should be taking with each bottle. Not only did the nurses help right after I had my baby, Tonya also assisted me after my baby had a serious injury. She allowed me to get the rest I needed after a very emotional situation, and since she was a nurse, I knew my daughter was in great hands. Tonya went the extra mile to fit me into her schedule and made me feel reassured that my daughter was on her way to a great recovery. Thank you all for your help!
Jessica W.Athens, Georgia 

I highly recommend Nurse and Nurture to every new mother, or any mother needing some sleep. This service allowed me to truly enjoy every precious day with my newborn because I was able to get sleep. It also gave me peace of mind to know that a NICU nurse was watching my baby while I slept. They help get the baby on a schedule too. I would have the nurse bring the baby to me to nurse, then she would change the baby and rock back to sleep so that I was only up for about 30 min one or two times a night. I used this service from the first night home from the hospital and most nights a week for the first 2 months. I was extremely pleased and thankful that I had such wonderful help. It was worth every penny!
Marian B.Birmingham, Alabama 

Having the women from Nurse and Nurture stay with us with our newborn in the evenings has been tremendously helpful. Most importantly, they took great care of our little girl and helped her sleep calmly each night. While having some additional sleep certainly has benefited my mental and physical well-being as I transitioned into motherhood, I place even more value on my little girl getting a good night of sleep. Having mom and baby better rested (and I will include my husband too) has certainly improved everyone's health and balance. The evening nurses effectively soothed our little girl back to sleep, changed her diapers, burped her when needed, and most importantly, brought her too me when she was ready to nurse again. I felt very connected to my little girl through the evening having that time to nurse her, while being able to have additional sleep time. I would absolutely recommend the women from Nurse and Nurture helping during the early weeks and months with a newborn.
Margaret M.Charlotte, North Carolina 

I am so thankful I found Nurse and Nurture. We had our first baby last May and I needed some extra help those first few weeks. Lisa came to our house twice a week for the first couple of weeks and she was an absolute life saver. I honestly can't say enough about her. She arrived promptly and in the morning after a great night's sleep I received a thorough report about how the baby did during the night. She was also very helpful in answering questions I had and I could tell she had a very strong knowledge base. I was able to totally relax during the nights she was here because I knew Anna was in such good hands. I would highly recommend this service to anyone thinking about getting some extra help after their new family member arrives.
Kristin S.Orlando, Florida 

My husband and I would highly recommend the nurses with Nurse and Nurture for several reasons. I am a nurse practitioner myself and spent a lot of time researching night nurse services and interviewing a few of the local options. Ultimately, I appreciated that the nurses with Nurse and Nurture are all RNs who are highly trained to care for newborns and new mothers. Specifically, we had Sarah, Elizabeth, Madison, Brittney and Tera and they were all professional, trustworthy, timely and very kind. 

They documented my daughter's night as far as diaper changes and feedings, etc so I knew exact timing and could pick up right where they left off in the morning. Most importantly, it was important for me to exclusively breastfeed my daughter and some of the other services were not able to accommodate this. The nurses with Nurse and Nurture brought my daughter to breastfeed as needed through the night and would also give her pumped milk if I wished. As a new mother, it was very helpful to get a restful night's sleep knowing that a nurse was in the nursery caring for my newborn. On the administrative side, the scheduling of services and payment for services was very easy as well.
Andrea H.Charlotte, North Carolina 

Thank you Kristin! I appreciate everything! You and your nurses were a pleasure to work with!
Mary Beth E.Atlanta, Georgia 

We were so thankful to have found such a great company with Registered Nurses to help us out with our second baby. The two nurses we had, Catherine and Tamara, were very trustworthy and experienced, which allowed us to sleep so much better on the nights that they were here. We had their help for almost 3 months, and it was worth every penny. Our baby was so well taken care of! Thank you so much!
Cassie J.Atlanta, Georgia 

Wow Kristin! I cannot express to you what a great first experience it was with Tonya on our first night with a nurse!! I don't know how it's possible with a VERY picky first time mama of twins that Tonya, Tamara, and Melissa all three earned me and my husband's trust after chatting with them for just a few minutes. I felt 100% comfortable leaving my newborn boys downstairs with their nurse while we were upstairs sleeping soundly. ;) I did NOT think that was going to happen! Your professionalism and the way you have handled this perfectionist of a mom has been amazing. You have blown the other two night nursing companies we contacted out of the water in every way. My husband and I have quickly learned EXPERIENCE is KEY!! Thank you Kristin for having such an amazing company with the best nurses in the area!! We will be telling all of our friends about you!!
Corina B.Cumming, Georgia 

Your service (and especially Kyla), have been a God-send! Having the extra help has really helped my wife and I. In particular, I think it has helped preserve our sanity! We've already recommended your service to two pregnant friends. Again, can't say enough great things about Kyla. She has been great! 
Mike M.Smyrna, Georgia 

Catherine was awesome!! Total life saver!! Thanks so, so much!! 

Mandy M.Decatur, Georgia 

Thank you for everything! Steve and I think Patricia and Valerie are amazing! We could not have gotten through the last 6 weeks with a preschooler, toddler and newborn twins without both of them!!! 
Merryl D.Atlanta, Georgia 

I want to let you know that your service has been awesome. I'm really glad that we found out about your company. Having help a few nights a week has made a huge difference in these first few months. Your people have been fantastic. They're very professional, caring and knowledgeable. Scheduling has been easy, too. I don't know how you do it, but you've been able to get pretty much every time slot filled with someone when we needed help. 
Joe and Allison V.Atlanta, Georgia 

I strongly recommend Nurse and Nurture for 2 reasons. First, Kristin was so accommodating in meeting my requests for the particular schedule I wanted. She went out of her way to make sure that I only had 2 nurses for the entire week (instead of 3), so that I could get comfortable with them and get to know them. She also responded to emails so quickly and was always available whenever I contacted her. Second, the nurses were so knowledgeable and helped me with any questions or concerns that I had with my newborn. They were very professional and I felt very comfortable handing over my precious cargo to them for the night. They provided a very detailed report for me in the morning that outlined everything I needed to know about how my daughter ate, slept and number of diaper changes during the night. I give Nurse and Nurture 5 stars and highly recommend Kristin and her wonderful business.
Missy M.Atlanta, Georgia 

I am a new mother of three...that's right THREE! While my husband and I were absolutely thrilled to be bringing home our bundles of joy, we were under no delusions of sleep-filled-nights!!! We searched for quite a while to find someone we felt comfortable with to be with our children during the night while we finally got some rest. We found our answer in Kristin! I ALWAYS felt 100% safe leaving my children in her care. My three babies were preemies and it was very important to me that whoever "night nursed" them also had actual nursing experience. Knowing Kristin could help out medically if need be lifted a huge weight off of my husband's shoulders and mine. Kristin was a huge help and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help at night, or any time!
Heather R.Athens, Georgia 

Kristin was our baby nurse/night nurse during the first week when our daughter came home from the hospital. Kristin's experience as a pediatric nurse and a Moms On Call consultant gives her tremendous experience and insight. Kristin's knowledge, along with her "infant care tips" are invaluable and will give you a wonderful start to parenthood. She is responsible, caring, and responsive to your needs and an excellent communicator. Kristin immediately built my confidence and was able to answer all of my questions as a vulnerable new parent. My husband and I were extremely happy with Kristin's work.
Ali K.Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Kristin,
You have no idea how nice it has been for me to sleep a couple nights a week and not have to worry about Stella! I have felt so comfortable with you in our house from day one. I can't wait for all of us to spend more time together!
Vicky S.Alpharetta, Georgia 

I have two children ages 2 months and 5 years. Kristin has babysat for me since my son, the oldest, was a newborn. She has also watched my 2 month old. I would not leave my newborn with anyone else. I know that Kristin is Knowledgeable, Dependable and Trustworthy. I know she could handle any situation that she would encounter. On a personal level I have known Kristin for over 10 years. I would describe her as caring and bright.
Emily C.Dunwoody, Georgia

Having a husband that travels, no family in town, and knowing my need for sleep to be a human being and not a monster, my parents "gave us Leslie" as a gift when our second child was born. I completely bought into this idea but was unsure about having someone in my home overnight that I really didn't know..."here is my child, I'm going to sleep". Let me say that the MOMENT I talked to Leslie, I was sold. She said all the right things and made me feel completely comfortable. Then colic set in and I was very worried about how any stranger would cope with the crying...her parents were barely surviving. Leslie's calm yet confident nature put us at ease immediately...and our daughter...she would rarely even fuss with Leslie. 

We can't say enough wonderful things about Leslie. She honored our wishes re: schedule and helped us quickly get our little one sleeping longer stretches at night. She is so very kind, patient, and has a wonderful work ethic. All I can say is DO IT! A good night's sleep is worth the wait in gold. With her personality and experience, Leslie has so much to offer your family and especially your baby.
Megan T. (Eliza's Mommy)Sandy Springs, Georgia

Dorothy Sumter is a highly trained pediatric nurse who provided night nursing services for our newborn daughter from birth until she was approximately ten weeks old. From the moment we saw Dorothy first hold our newborn we were certain that she was the perfect person to care for our daughter. Dorothy offers the unique combination of professional medical skills, tenderness, trustworthiness, reliability, dedication and bedside manner that any parent (first time or otherwise) would be fortunate to have aid them in the care of their child(ren).

I gladly and highly recommend Dorothy Sumter as a medical professional who would lovingly care for your child(ren). Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.
Anne Marie G.Smyrna, Georgia

Dorothy has been an amazing caretaker for our son Blake. Her knowledge and training make my husband and I feel very comfortable when leaving our son with her. She really cares about the kids she keeps and frequently checks in to see how things are going. Dorothy welcomes and quickly responds to questions and concerns we have. Dorothy is not only a great caretaker but a wonderful person and we highly recommend her.
Stacy C.Atlanta, Georgia

Tonya is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing her tomorrow night.
Caroline J.Atlanta, Georgia

Last night was great! Kelley is super nice. Thanks for helping us out!
Lauren W.Smyrna, Georgia

I love Leslie! She is so sweet and I slept great knowing Nicholas was in such great hands. I can't wait to see her on Friday!
Melissa D.Atlanta, Georgia

Kristin, Your team is fantastic! I couldn’t be happier – each one (Lisa, Melissa and Jana) have all helped out in a very special way. From giving tips, to loving all day and all night on our precious boy, to allowing me to get the rest I need. Absolutely wonderful!
Nicole F.
Atlanta, GA

​You are the BEST - thank you so much for your helpful emails. I feel blessed with the opportunity to work with you and your company and I look forward to speaking with you again soon!
Laura G., Atlanta, GA

I highly recommend nurse and nurture to any family adjusting to a new baby! Our nurses, Mindy and Melea were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I never had any doubt my baby was in great hands. The extra sleep I was able to get the first weeks to month was a lifesaver. It allowed me to be more rested during the day for my new baby and busy toddler! Heidi was always willing to work with our schedule and there to answer any questions. Thank you!!! 
Kylie, Birmingham, AL

Our second son was born 5 weeks early due to a fetal maternal hemorrhage.  He was transported to Egleston after receiving 3 blood transfusions and suffering severe heart failure.  After weeks of going back and forth between the hospital and our home to care for our 3 year old (plus trying to recover from a c section), I was exhausted.  A great friend of ours suggested Nurse and Nurture to help us get the rest we need when our baby finally was discharged from the hospital.  It has been a lifesaver for us!  We felt like first time parents again with the scariness of a preemie and worrying over every little noise he made at night.  We had not had a good nights rest for almost a month until we contacted Kristin.  She lined up fabulous Nurses for us and sent someone to us the night I first contacted her.  All of the nurses have taken excellent care of our son and in turn we have had several nights of rest, which is the most amazing gift anyone can give to sleep deprived parents. I wish I had known about this company with my first son who stayed awake every night until he was 6 months old! I would highly recommend this company!
Kate D., Cumming, GA

Thanks Nurse and Nurture for making those early months easier! We fully trusted all of your nurses. We look forward to calling you again for the next baby. 
Dan M., Charlotte, NC 

Nurse and nurture saved my sanity !! The nurses were so knowledgable and comfortable , which gave me the opportunity to rest and be a better mother and wife ! I was able to recover more quickly from my c section due to the extra rest . My baby also started sleeping through the night sooner than my other two children did . I highly recommend nurse and nurture to anyone with a newborn.
Mary R- Charlotte,NC

“Thank you for your help with our kids! We needed some good rest and Shannon was a huge help. She went out of her way to make life easier for us when she was in our house. We’ll definitely be using your service again!”
Craig, Dallas, TX