Laurie Berry, RN, BSN

Laurie is a proud mama-bear to ten children and grandmother to one. One of her proudest moments was adopting preemie twins from Guatemala and another little girl. They are all 21 now! She started her nursing career in the NICU and after six years of that, she became a lactation consultant. She held her IBCLC certification for ten years while teaching breastfeeding, parenting and birth classes as a volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. Laurie has also done home care for ten years, including for critically ill children. Two years ago, she left NH and moved to SC where her and her partner are homeschooling their two youngest (who are now teens!) With over 20 years of nursing, she decided to do what she enjoys most and help families and their newborns adjust to life. It is a privilege of incredible magnitude to be with a newborn and his/her parents in the early stages of bonding, adapting and thriving.


In her free time, Laurie is a leader in her church youth group. She loves kayaking, walking, and finding something to celebrate with her family.  

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