LaDawn Sims, RN, BSN

LaDawn has been a Registered for 18 + years - nine of those years include experience in mother baby / postpartum nursing. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Gordon State College in Barnesville, GA. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Savannah State University. She has always been inspired to pursue a career in mother / baby nursing - after all, she is a baby lover, having five children of her own! Not only that, but a career in women’s health and newborn nursing allows her the opportunity to assist women during what she believes to be the most important transition and the most special times in their birth! Sheer amazement! Who wouldn’t love to do that!? LaDawn would love the opportunity to become an angel for sleepless parents so that they can achieve a restful night’s sleep and awaken with recharged batteries and devotion to their newborn.

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