Jordyn Henderson, RN, BSN

Jordyn has been in Jacksonville for just over two years working as a nurse on a Med/Surg Women’s Services unit. She's taken care of many moms experiencing complications after birth. She has been able to help them cope with the difficulties that entailed, as well as educating them on how to best care for their newborn during that time. She is originally from Tennessee where she attended nursing school and obtained her bachelor’s from Lee University. Jordyn was able to do a preceptorship on the newborn/postpartum floor for several months, as well as a preceptorship with a lactation consultant. Through these experiences, she was able to deepen and discover her passion for caring for these tiny humans as well as supporting their families to make this transition as seamless as possible. Jordyn has begun to love calling Florida home and spends much of her free time outside. She also loves reading, shopping, traveling, and spending with family and friends.